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“Do not disrespect almost a million Chileans”

Parisi responded to Jadue:

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Parisi responded to Jadue: “Do not disrespect almost a million Chileans”

The former presidential candidate of the People’s Party (PDG), Franco Parisi, responded to the mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, who described the followers of the economist as “individualists“And the only thing they are looking for is”more silver in the pockets”.

The speaker at La Moneda used his Twitter account to criticize the Communist Party (PC) militant: “They still don’t understand anything. How much do you earn as mayor and for your properties?“, wrote.

In addition, he asked the mayor to “do not disrespect almost 1 million Chileans”.

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Jadue admits “error” about adherents of Parisi: “I did not want to disrespect any voter”

The mayor of Recoleta, Daniel Jadue, qualified as “a mistake” the words expressed against the voters of former candidate Franco Parisi, who described this group as “tremendously individualistic” people.

As the mayor said through Twitter, “of course I have not wanted to disrespect any voter. What I said was a mistake.”

“It is only time to embrace the great transformation project that Gabriel Boric represents”said the once standard-bearer of the Communist Party.

He also highlighted that “I don’t miss a minute here, because what is at stake is the future of Chile.”

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