“Do not get vaccinated”: the astonishing message of a “funeral home”

“Do not get vaccinated.” The astonishing message, posted on the truck of a “funeral home” attracted attention Sunday in the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina.

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The black vehicle that read “Wilmore Funeral Home” was intended to join football fans on their way to a game between the Carolina Panthers and New Orleans Saints.

In the United States, only 54.7% of the population is fully vaccinated. So the authorities are trying by all means to convince, but the task is not easy.

Charlotte-based advertising agency BooneOakley wanted to try a completely different approach.


The agency has created a fake funeral home, and a fake website.

When we visit the site of the alleged funeral company, the phrase “Get vaccinated now” is displayed.

By clicking on this sentence, Internet users are redirected to a site allowing them to make an appointment for the COVID vaccination.

“I was under the impression that conventional advertising methods were no longer working. The usual messages merge into everything else, ”agency director David Oakley told CNN in an interview.

“We wanted to do something with a new point of view, and that might even shock people in a way,” he added.

In North Carolina, the vaccination rate with two doses is just 48.8%.


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