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INCOME TAX 2021. The deadline for the income tax reporting period is approaching. Do not miss an opportunity to reduce the amount of your tax due for the year 2020.

[Mis à jour le 28 mai 2021 à 11h31] Home straight for the income tax reporting period! The next deadline is Tuesday June 1st. It concerns fiscal homes in zone 2, living in the departments numbered from 20 to 54. Do not wait until the last moment: any delay exposes you to a first increase of 10% of the amount of your income tax. Log on to the website now, using your tax ID and password.

Have you already finished? Are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? Taxpayers tend to skip many tax advantages that allow them to reduce the amount of their income tax in fine : Have you thought about deducting all your expenses: have you paid a alimony to one of your children for example? Have you determined whether it would be more interesting to opt for the standard deduction of 10% which applies by default or for your real costs ? Have you thought about your children’s school fees? Did you make any donations last year?

Do you have expenses eligible for tax credits or reductions: work? Child care costs? Gardening? Now is the time to take stock. Would you like to know more about the tax advantages you can claim? Consult our dedicated file:

Once you have submitted your declaration, it will be up to the tax authorities to verify the information and determine the total amount of income tax for which you are liable for the year 2020. You want to simulate it? See you below: How to simulate your 2021 income tax?

As a reminder, the income statement remains essential. It allows to know if you owe a balance of tax, in view of what you have already paid via the withholding tax. Clearly, if your withholding taxes were lower than what you actually owe, you should expect a catch-up at the end of the summer. In September 2021, the tax administration will proceed with the deduction of the balance of income tax. Also, be aware that your withholding tax rate may also be revised upwards at this time of year. So anticipate this before the summer holidays in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you return.

Want to calculate your income tax amount so you can predict what to expect at the end of the summer? The easiest way is to use the income tax simulator made available by the tax authorities. Before starting the simulation, get your hands on the following:

  1. Your net taxable income : if you are an employee, all you have to do is refer to your last payslip for 2020, and read the “net tax” line since January 1, 2020. This is the amount that you will have to carry forward in box 1AJ.
  2. Your charges : list in particular the possible support payments that you pay to your children, including if they are of legal age. These are amounts that you will be able to specify and which will be deducted subsequently.
  3. Your tax advantages: do you have home employment expenses? Have you made any donations? Now is the time to find the amounts and the corresponding slips to mention them in the simulator.
  4. Your withholding taxes : again, if you are an employee, you will obtain this amount at the bottom of your last payslip.
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The more specific elements you bring, the fairer your income tax simulation will be. You will then obtain an estimate of your income tax for the year 2020, with the application of a discount or not, and you will know if you owe a balance in the summer with regard to what you have already paid.

Do you prefer to calculate it yourself? The income tax calculation will take you a little longer. You will have to get hold of your net taxable income, then determine the number of shares in your tax household, deduct your expenses and then apply the income tax scale (read below), without forgetting your tax advantages (credits and tax reductions). Are you ready to take the plunge? Consult our dedicated file without further delay to find out the amount of your income tax now:

Job loss, Macron bonus, partial unemployment … Did the coronavirus health crisis have major consequences for you last year? They can affect your income tax return. Don’t panic, however, answers all your questions in a dedicated folder:

At the end of your declaration, you still estimate too much income tax this year: what if you already anticipate 2022? Consult our dedicated file:

In 2021, the reporting period started on April 8. The deadlines depend on the declaration method and your department number. The first deadline is Thursday May 20 for the paper form. For the declaration on the Internet, the deadline depends on your department number:

  • Wednesday May 26: zone 1, departments from 01 to 19.
  • Tuesday June 1: zone 2, departments 20 to 54.
  • Tuesday June 8: zone 3, departments 55 to 976.
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Are you having difficulty completing your income tax return? Read our article without further ado:

The period for receiving income tax notices is in the summer, starting July 26. The date of receipt depends both on how you declared and on your situation:

  • Between July 26 and August 6, 2021 : if you get a refund or if you have nothing to pay after declaring on the Internet.
  • Between July 30 and August 6, 2021 : if you owe a balance of income tax after filing online.
  • Between July 30 and September 7 : if you benefit from a refund after having declared via the paper form.
  • Between August 4 and September 7: if you have nothing to pay after completing your paper form.
  • Between August 5 and September 1: if you are declaring paper and owe a balance of tax at the start of the school year.

What scale, rates and brackets for income tax in 2021?

LIncome tax works with a tax schedule. So, a rate between 0 and 45% applies to each income bracket of the income tax scale. Very concretely, if your net taxable income is below a certain threshold, a zero rate is applied.

These famous rates apply to a fraction of the household income. The total amount of tax results from the addition of the various brackets. Here is the income tax schedule that applies:

Annual income bracketsApplicable rate
up to 10,084 euros0%
from 10,085 euros to 25,710 euros11%
from 25,711 euros to 73,516 euros30%
from 73,517 euros to 158,122 euros41%
from 158,123 euros45%

L” all income (salaries, pensions, pensions, property income) that you receive in the tax year are studied by the tax authorities. First, it is necessary to determine net taxable income – information that you can find on your payslip if you are an employee. As a reminder, a standard deduction of 10% is applied for professional expenses. If this allowance is lower than the total of your professional expenses, you can then deduct the amount of your actual expenses.

Have you determined your net taxable income? You must divide it by the number of shares in your tax household. You get your quotient familial. The family quotient is used to determine a taxable income for the tax household. Apply the amount obtained to the tax scale. In 2021 for the taxation of income for the year 2020, the tax reduction linked to the family quotient is limited to 1,570 euros for each additional half-share.

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In which cases can we benefit from a discount or reduction?

Some tax households may benefit from a discount on 2020 income, if the gross amount of their income tax does not exceed a certain threshold. Here are the limits not to be exceeded:

  • For a single person : 1,722 euros. “The discount is equal to the difference between 779 € and 45.25% of the amount of your tax”, we explain on the website.
  • For a couple subject to joint taxation (married or civil partnership) : 2,849 euros. “The discount is equal to the difference between € 1,289 and 45.25% of the amount of your tax,” we add.

Have you noticed that your professional expenses are not covered with the standard 10% deduction? In this case, you can opt for the deduction of the actual costs. Mileage costs, meals … Keep in mind that the process can be long and tedious, because it implies that you have kept all the supporting documents. Read our dedicated article without further ado:

What changes for the 2021 tax return with telecommuting?

During the health crisis, you, like many French people, resorted to teleworking. Due to the exceptional context, the “allowances paid by the employer covering the costs of teleworking at home (…) will always be exempt from income tax“, announced Bercy. Whether they are paid in the form of indemnities, lump-sum reimbursements or actual costs, the deduction will be 2.5 euros per day of teleworking at home, within the limit of 550 euros per year. Attention : this only includes professional costs, and not the current costs necessitated by the exercise of teleworking (travel, catering). In detail, it is the employer who will have to transmit the information to the tax authorities. “Employees can s ” ensure this when declaring their 2020 income, by checking the pre-filled amounts against: their pay slips or the annual tax certificate issued by their employer, “explains Bercy in its press release.

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