“Do not use it.” The Egyptian Ministry of Health warns of a famous fake analgesic drug on the market

The Egyptian Medicines Authority has issued urgent warnings to citizens, as well as to all medical service providers at the level of the Republic, regarding the need to beware of packages of an adulterated drug available in the Egyptian market from a product known as “Nifnac”, based on a warning issued by the company that manufactured it, which said It is possible that there are adulterated packages of this medicine available in the local market.

Important warnings from the Egyptian Medicines Authority

In its official statement, which was issued a while ago, the Medicines Authority revealed a way to find out the difference between the original packages and the adulterated packages of the “Nifnak” preparation, which is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

The most prominent differences between the original and falsified packaging were as follows:

  • The internal solution in the original package is yellow in color and in the form of a suspension, while in the adulterated form the color is clear and transparent.
  • The dropper bottle in the original packaging for the pain reliever and anti-inflammatory “Nivnac” is transparent, while it is white in the adulterated package.

How to report fraudulent packaging

The concerned authorities in the Egyptian Medicines Authority concluded their statement to confirm that caution should be exercised in the event that a person uses this analgesic, and the need to ensure that the package he owns is the original package and not the adulterated one.

The authority noted the need to report non-original and fraudulent packages by communicating with the hotline of the Ministry of Health and the Egyptian Medicines Authority in order to be dealt with as soon as possible.

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