“DO NOT USE!” Last minute: Local people request a name change for Jeep

Opposition to the 50-year-old model from the locals

The most well-known model of the off-road vehicle manufacturer Jeep, ‘Cherokee’, is under discussion. According to the news of the US automotive publication Car and Driver, the Cherokee people, who maintain the order in the state of Oklahoma in the country, applied to the authorities to change the name of the model in question.

Commenting on the subject, Cherokee chief Chuck Hoskin said, “I am sure this comes from a place of good intentions, but it does not honor us to have our name attached to the side of a car. The best way to honor us is to learn about our sovereign government, our role in this country, our history, our culture and language, and to establish a meaningful dialogue with federally recognized tribes on compliance, “he said.

In response to the Cherokee’s request from Jeep, “Our vehicle names have been carefully selected and bred for years to honor and celebrate the native American people for their nobility, courage and pride. We are more committed than ever to a respectful and open dialogue with the Cherokee people.”


Joining Stellantis after the merger of PSA and FCA, Jeep is known as the most profitable brand of the newly formed automotive group.

The brand’s first Cherokee model hit the road in 1974. Unlike other markets in the world in 2001, the model started to be sold under the name Liberty in the North American market, and was renamed Cherokee with its current generation introduced in 2013.

Jeep also uses the name Mojave, another native in the US, as a hardware package for another model.

Two models will be affected by a possible name change decision by Jeep. While the name of the brand’s d-segment SUV model is Cherokee, the e-segment SUV model is named Grand Cherokee.

On the other hand, it is estimated that 250 thousand Cherokee live within the borders of the USA today.

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