Do we get along with Israel, but in secret

If the recent agreements between four Arab countries and the Hebrew state are shouted at in the Arab world, it is because they are now public. It’s the end of this disturbing hypocrisy, says the Lebanese site Daraj.

The majority of Arabs believe that their regimes have always defended the Palestinian cause too weakly, or outright betrayed it. In their eyes, their support was only verbal, and their fine speeches were only for the gallery. These accusations obviously also concern the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. [les deux premiers pays du Golfe à avoir normalisé leurs relations avec Israël, à la fin de l’année 2020].

But even those who criticized this hypocrisy seem to want to perpetuate it. They criticize normalization while saying that these countries have never been at the forefront of the Israeli “enemy”, nor the most vocal in the defense of the rights of the Palestinian people. They are the first to say that these countries have never had


Bashar Haidar

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Daraj, “Escalier” is a new alternative news site born in 2017 in Beirut. Its editorial team is made up of professional journalists from Lebanon and other Arab countries. By its sections, the site contrasts with the


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