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Do you feel tired when you wake up? Here are 3 reasons

Feeling tired like you haven’t slept all night? Note that you have slept well. How can this be explained by fatigue upon awakening? And what are the solutions? See the answers with sleep specialist Philippe Beaulieu in Paris, according to Top Sante:

“There are two main types of fatigue in waking up. Causes related to our lifestyle. You should know that we all suffer from a lack of sleep! Then causes related to diseases like sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome,” explains Dr. Beaulieu.

Stressful lifestyle and spending a lot of time in front of screens

Our way of life is not comfortable at all. Social pressure forces us to always be in the performance. We must be efficient, we must be good parents, we must be impervious to illness at work… We can also be sleep-deprived. We are programmed to sleep for a certain amount of time, and we can be in good shape with 5 hours of sleep. However, on average, a good recovery takes 8 hours. So it can lead to constant tiredness upon waking.

In this case, ask yourself the question: What is the way to achieve 8 hours of sleep per night? “It is necessary to question the quality and length of the nights. You have to be prepared for a certain regime, from sleeping away from screens to sleeping in a peaceful environment. But often people are not ready for that.

Do you snore or have sleep apnea?

Apart from the stress hypothesis, there are causes associated with pathology. In addition to being a cardiovascular and metabolic risk factor, sleep apnea causes subtle agitation, sometimes accompanied by other signs such as daytime drowsiness. In this case, fatigue upon awakening can reveal itself and develop. Sleep is not of good quality. Hence the need to consult a specialist.

Do you suffer from restless legs syndrome?
Legs that move on their own during sleep cause small awakenings that we rarely realize, it’s restless legs syndrome. “They don’t wake you up, but the brain wakes up. In fact, sleep is interrupted!”, the doctor adds.
Fatigue upon waking can also be caused by reflux problems such as GERD. However, if this fatigue persists and cannot be remedied by long hours of sleep, a baseline biological evaluation is required.
Sometimes it can also be a sign of depression. Like diet and physical activity, sleep remains a pillar of health, and no problem should be taken lightly.


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