Do you know the most popular Android version on smartphones?

It’s been a while since Google has already shared Android smartphone penetration numbers around the world, and compared to iOS, Android numbers have always lags because updates have been rather slow. However, things seem to have changed now.

According to a recent report, Android 10 is the most popular operating system version on smartphones, as the report says that 26.5% of Android phones are running Android 10, and it is worth noting that Android 10 was launched in 2019 and is still popular in a quarter of smartphones .

Android 11 came in second place with about 24.2% of devices running the version, and Android 12, the latest version from Google, has not been included in the list yet because many smartphone makers have not officially made it on their devices.

Older Android versions are still very popular on devices, with Android 9 Pie running on 18.2% of devices while Android 8 Oreo runs on 13.7% of devices, and looking at the numbers, it seems that a lot of older versions of Android are still on many of the devices. phones.

For example, the 2018 version of Android – Pie – is on 18.2% of phones while Android 8 Oreo runs on 13.7% of smartphones, and Android 12 comes with many new design and privacy features. The latest version of the operating system is designed to offer a new personal look with “Material You”.


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