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Only 500 electric metal tops made

Second generation Soarer plastic model made by Fujimi. In the previous article (see “Related Articles” below), we introduced this work, which overcame the shortcomings in its body shape and remodeled it into an aero cabin. This work was produced for the opening feature of the 250th issue (2017) of the automobile model magazine “Model Cars”. The purpose of the feature was to try again with a kit that had previously been produced with unsatisfactory results. Let’s ask the author, Mr. Kitazawa, about the details in that sense.

“One in the world” luxury coupe, its superb presence! Thoroughly renovating Fujimi’s plastic model “20 Soarer” Part 1[Model Cars]

[53 images]See Soarer, which has been beautifully aero-topped, and its production process!

“The second-generation Soarer is my favorite Toyota car from the 1980s. , near the side molding, the paint flowed under the masking tape and the paint was messed up (crying).

Luckily, the order was a single white color, so I didn’t have to face the trauma of the past. The second generation Soarer is quite tough. It didn’t turn out so well with the simple plus α way of making it.

The second generation Soarer was challenged again in 2012 with No. 193, this time Tamiya. I used touch-up paint for actual cars to paint the body (note: this use was requested by the editorial department), but unlike model paint, it dried slowly and left sticky marks from masking tape. Just before completion, the center of the roof cracked (!), probably due to the bad solvent component of the paint, and other troubles continued. In the first place, even if you paint a model with actual vehicle paint, it is unlikely that it will give the same impression as the actual vehicle, and the korejanai effect has been activated again.”

As a result of entrusting myself to the devil’s whispers…
“And this time, the second generation Soarer will be a challenge again. Tamiya is a little difficult to obtain (note: 2017), so Fujimi is the base. The source of this unique feeling of this kit is the thick front mask. Then, the shape from the C-pillar to the rear deck is fuzzy, and the low-height tires make for a poor footing.I thought that if I could fix these three points, it would look cool!Just when I was thinking, a devil whispered from the editorial department… “If it’s Nan, it’s good to have an aero cabin.”

Aero cabin! Only 500 electric convertibles were made at the end of the 2nd generation. Because of my long association with this magazine, my tastes seem to have been completely abandoned by the editorial department. Originally, I was going to fix the area around the rear deck, so even if I changed the second half of the cabin, the amount of work wouldn’t change much. Since Fujimi’s kit is the type after Maichen in January 1988, there are no discrepancies in details except for the wheel shape, and it is suitable for making an aero cabin.

With that said, I think that Fujimi’s second-generation Soarer, which was finally settled after about 30 years, was able to revenge the proportions and two-tone color somehow. After trying again with a kit that I once had trouble with, I realized that getting old isn’t such a bad thing.”

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