“Do you want to leave the plane here?” (video)

With social media, what happens on planes no longer stays on planes. Everyone now has access to these sometimes extraordinary moments that take place in devices. And what happened a few days ago on an EasyJet plane is probably unheard of.

At the time of the scene, the plane had just landed in Luton, a London airport which is located 45 km north of the English capital. The disruption caused the aircraft to miss its scheduled landing at Gatwik, an airport 45 km south of London. The aircraft was therefore at the wrong airport. But, because of the delays and the uncertainty surrounding the takeoff of the aircraft, the pilot of the plane took the microphone and asked the passengers… if they wanted to leave the aircraft in Luton.

Given the proximity between the two airports, the pilot indeed organized a vote by show of hands to see the proportion of travelers who were likely to want to make the trip to Gatwick other than by plane, rather than waiting and take off again.

On the images, we can see a hostess trying somehow to count the number of interested people. Eventually, the plane did take off again. But the passengers’ ordeal was not over. One told The Sun they couldn’t get off the plane for two hours because there was no bus available to take them to the terminal.

Finally, the 200 passengers all had to get off in the middle of the night, wait a long time for their luggage and were taken back by taxi. “Worst experience of my life,” said one passenger.

A spokeswoman for the company confirmed that the scene went well after the plane had already landed and apologized for the inconvenience.

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