Do you want to lose weight? Eliminate these foods from your diet from four in the afternoon

Getting rid of the extra kilos is not easy. Anyone who has undergone a weight loss process at some point in their life knows this. But once we are aware that the journey will not be easyIt is time to be clear about how we are going to lose the excess weight to show off the physique we have always dreamed of.

Many people make the same mistake: searching the internet for weight loss and believing in miracle diets that promise us great benefits soon. Most of those weight loss plans are not supervised by professionals and a high percentage of cases end the same way: weighing even more than when the process started.


A handful of nuts every day is indicated in any weight loss plan for its magnificent nutritional qualities

Therefore, when it comes to losing weight, you have to put yourself in the hands of nutritionists and food experts who guarantee a preparation and knowledge that They will help lose weight with control and with guarantee. And among the best tips we can receive are those of some foods that we should not eat, especially at certain times.

Forbidden food

Knowing what to eat and when to eat it is vital when it comes to undergoing a weight loss process. We already told you about the best time to eat some foods throughout the day, but now we are going to talk about the opposite: four meals that should not be eaten after four in the afternoon … if we do not want to boycott our attempt to lose weight .

Choosing healthy food at mealtimes is vital if we want to lose weight

Nutritionist Helen Bond has explained how to eat some foods, especially if they are not completely healthy, in our weight loss process: “As a general rule, it is better avoid processed and refined foods. In addition to having a high content of saturated fat, sugar and / or saltThey are often low in nutrients and loaded with calories, making it difficult for us to control our weight. “

So Bond points out that we should never have white bread from four in the afternoon. The reason is its high glycemic index (GI), a system that classifies foods that contain carbohydrates and reveals that those with a high GI can increase sugar and insulin levels. In addition, white bread has a low fiber content, so it does not satiate the appetite or prevent us from eating more.

White sliced ​​bread is another food to avoid (Photo: iStock)White sliced ​​bread is another food to avoid (Photo: iStock)
White sliced ​​bread is another food to avoid (Photo: iStock)

The second food that we should erase from our diet after 16:00 is ice cream. According to nutritionist Edwina Clark, it is a food that has a lot of sugar: “Ice cream is a very high carbohydrate food, and eating a lot of refined carbohydrates causes an accumulation of abdominal fat. “That is, we boycott our own desire to lose weight.

Other unhealthy snacks

Who doesn’t feel like coming home after work and snacking on a soda or beer with their favorite fries? Well according to the vast majority of nutritionists it is a bad decision. The reason is that salty snacks, while very popular, have a high amount of saturated fat, refined carbohydrates, and salt. All this provides us with many calories and does not allow us to lose weight.


From filling water bottles to eating too fast or going hungry: these are the acquired habits that we must abandon as soon as possible to lose weight

A study collected by The Sun revealed that people who eat a daily package of potato chips accumulate as much fat as if Five liters of cooking oil are drunk a year. This is why salty snacks have historically been linked to weight gain and specialists recommend replacing them with healthier foods such as nuts or fruit.

The fourth and last food on this cursed food list after 4:00 p.m. is the milk chocolate. In addition to being high in sugar and containing a lot of fat, it can also cause sleep problems because it usually contains caffeine. Choosing dark chocolate is a much better option, since it has a much lower amount of both sugar and fat, in addition to other health benefits derived from its natural antioxidants.

Excess carbohydrates and saturated fats can boycott any attempt to lose weight that we are carrying out

Helen notes that “when hunger sets in, it’s interesting to try healthy snacks and eat them slowlyinstead of eating high calorie products. ” Vegetable bars, fruit cubes, nuts or whole wheat bread alone or with healthy products such as avocado are the best solution to take to your mouth and the scale does not notice it.


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