Health Doctolib equips ephemeral consultation centers and Samu for free...

Doctolib equips ephemeral consultation centers and Samu for free to “unclog the hospital”


On March 5, Doctolib, leader in teleconsultation in France, had chosen to make its teleconsultation tool available for free in March and April 2020 to respond to the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 and launched “a cell dedicated to support for doctors “during the Covid-19 crisis internally, we recall.

The French company, leader in making online appointments, also claimed, on March 30, a number of teleconsultations multiplied by 100, with a million carried out with its service since the start of the health crisis. This time, Doctolib chose to equip the Covid-19 ephemeral consultation centers with its software suite.

“It is not at all planned but, since the beginning of the crisis, we have gone from 3,500 to 30,000 doctors equipped with our teleconsultation solutions, to identify patients with Covid-19, to reorganize their activity or adapt their diaries etc. Some of these doctors work in ephemeral consultation centers that opened in the context of the crisis and they asked us to equip them in the same way, “Stanislas Niox-Chateau told TICsanté.

80 pop-up centers are already benefiting from the Doctolib solution “out of the few hundred” that are installed everywhere on the territory. Among these, the Metz medical center on call, the Le Rougeville center in Valenciennes (North) and the ephemeral center housed in the Rothschild Foundation Hospital in Paris are notably equipped. All these centers are located in areas affected by strong tensions in the context of the fight against the coronavirus.

“Liberal doctors are on the front line in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic and they are the initiative of these ephemeral centers. They are multiplying today and, for a few days, there has been an acceleration: we has about ten ephemeral centers that open every day. They are found everywhere, even if it is mainly in the most infected areas, “said the founder of Doctolib.

In these centers, liberal doctors offer consultations to suspected or confirmed patients with Covid-19 showing no sign of severity, without screening.

Currently, “more than 8,000 appointments” have been made through Doctolib, thus avoiding recourse to hospital emergency services.

Still with the aim of avoiding congestion in hospital emergencies, the online appointment-making company has chosen to equip the Samu, also free of charge, with an addressing functionality allowing healthcare staff to make an appointment. you “in one click” for patients who reach them by phone in a care structure adapted to their state of health.

“It is a tool that has been in existence for a year and which was used to refer patients from a general practitioner to a specialist or to the hospital, and we have adapted it to Samu’s services,” explained Stanislas Niox- Castle.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms described, doctors at the Samu can now use this feature to refer patients with or suspected of Covid-19:

Since March 24, Doctolib has provided its solution to 33 Samu centers throughout the country out of the 104 listed.

“In the past ten days”, the company has counted “more than 2,500 appointments” sent by the Samu in hospital screening centers and “more than 1,000 appointments” directed to the temporary Covid- consultation centers. 19.

“Even if we are still only at the beginning of the deployment of this tool, we have already observed changes. Initially, the Samu sent a lot of patients to hospitals but today, half of the patients do not who contact the 15 is redirected to a general practitioner or a temporary Covid-19 consultation center, “said the boss of Doctolib.

After the crisis, Stanislas Niox-Chateau does not rule out continuing to offer functionality to Samu professionals, even if he admits “not yet having thought about” the economic model.

“This solution perfectly matches the healthcare access service (SAS) [annoncé par l’ex-ministre des solidarités et de la santé, Agnès Buzyn le 10 septembre 2019] to handle medical and emergency calls, “he said.



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