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Doctolib saturated a few minutes after the presidential address

Faced with a record number of appointments for vaccination, the site remained inaccessible during and after the speech of the president.

The number of connections to Doctolib was so high during Emmanuel Macron’s speech from 8 p.m. that it caused a general bug on the site. Doctolib thus remained inaccessible for more than thirty minutes until 8:50 p.m.

The French unicorn quickly reacted on her Twitter account by announcing that “17,000 appointments (were) taken every minute on Doctolib“. Doctolib even joked about this bug, explaining that the site “was not readyTo face such a wave of connections, in a tweet in the form of self-mockery.

In his speech, Emmanuel Macron insisted on the need to speed up vaccination to contain the fourth wave generated by the Delta variant. “I make the choice of confidence and I call on all French people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. 9 million doses are waiting for you. Get vaccinated is the only way to protect yourself and to protect others. It is what all of our freedom depends on. ” A message that was heard even before the end of his speech. The Keldoc platform, a competitor of Doctolib, was also saturated.

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The Head of State thus announced the obligation for caregivers to be vaccinated, and the extension of the health pass. The health pass will be compulsory for over 12s in the “places of leisure and culture»By more than 50 people as of July 21. It will then be extended in August and will concern trains, planes, bars and restaurants, as well as hospitals, retirement homes, and medico-social establishments. A list that can grow even further later.


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