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”(“ Mucize Doktor ”in its original language) is one of the Turkish soap operas that has conquered the world in recent years and Argentina is one of those countries where melodrama is a success and where the end is coming.

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Marina Calabró, a well-known Argentine journalist and presenter, revealed in the program ““What, the story of , the young doctor with autism spectrum disorder who works as a resident of the pediatric surgery team of an Istanbul hospital, will be ending very soon.

First he was left, the ‘ with 14.4 (rating)… On a Friday… please. Apparently it ends on November 8, we are going to talk about the new Telefe grid”, He told in the format that Jorge Lanata conducts on Radio Miter.

MORE INFORMATION: What time to see “Doctor miracle”?

Although the news has not yet been confirmed by It is important to remember that previously, Marina Calabró also announced the culmination of “” in Turkey.

Taner Ölmez como Ali Vefa’s “Doctor milagro” (Photo: MF Production)

“Today there is almost a national duel in Turkey because they announced the end of ‘‘they are all crying. They do not know what the revolution in the networks is, my friend Elena just told me, “said the Argentine journalist at the time.

He also pointed out: “Because the official Fox networks are confirming the end of the series, not the season. They lower the season here. It ends forever. ‘We come to the end of our story where we say that individuals with autism have the right to live like all of us. He grew up, he prospered, he fulfilled his dreams, we laughed with him, we cried with him, we remember what it means to be human. It’s time to say goodbye, ‘they said. What sadness, a tear came to my mind ”.

Ferman arguing with Ali in a scene from
Ferman arguing with Ali in a scene from “Doctor Miracle” (Photo: MF Yapım)


The successful fiction premiered in Argentina on April 12, 2021 by the signal of Telefe. Since it arrived in this country, it has become one of the most important programs on the small screen. Likewise, the television station uploads the complete chapters to its website; however, they are only available until a certain date and then they are withdrawn.

”Arrived in Colombia on May 31, 2021 through the RCN Channel. Unlike the previous medium, here you can find all the chapters of the Turkish soap opera on its website. So if you are from this country and you missed an episode, you know where to find them.

Finally, the moving story of Ali Vefa premiered in Peru last Monday, July 12, 2021 on the Latina Televisión (Channel 2) signal. Since then “Doctor Miracle” is one of the most watched Turkish soap operas in this country. However, if you missed any episodes, you can find them on the website of the medium.


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