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Another great success of Turkey that is conquering thousands of people is the soap opera “Mucize Doktor”, or known in Latin American countries as “”, In whose plot the day-to-day life of medical personnel is recounted in their work to save the lives of patients. However, in Argentina the fans of this production have been surprised by the departure of one of the key characters in this story. It’s about Seda Bakan, who plays Ferda.

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tells the story of Ali Vefa, character played by the actor Taner Ölmez, and that in fiction he is a surgeon with autism spectrum disorder and sage syndrome, a characteristic that has moved audiences in several countries.

Ali is a character who is fighting to earn a position as a resident on the pediatric surgery team of the Hospital Berhayat from Istanbul.

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In this way the soap opera “Doctor miracle” has been considered one of the most viewed international productions of the last decade, which has allowed it to cross the Turkish borders and reach countries such as Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Tunisia, Peru, among others, obtaining high audience ratings and a lot of popularity.

The telenovela is an adaptation of the South Korean series “Good Doctor” which was released in 2013.

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Turkish soap opera that has become one of the public’s favorites.


The actress also participates in the soap opera Seda Minister, who plays Ferda. Currently the artist is 35 years old and was born in the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

Ferda it appears in “Doctor Miracle” and causes great sensation because it is revealed that she is the daughter of the doctor Fair Loyalty. This character quickly became one of the favorites of the telenovela, to the point that the public hoped that he would manage to conquer the heart of Dr. Ferman, a character played by the actor Onur Tuna.

It should be specified that the arrival of Ferda will generate confrontation with many of the characters of “Doctor Miracle” Because she is a character with resentments and considers that her father abandoned her throughout her upbringing to take care of Ali.

However, before Ferda could have some sentimental relation with Ferman, it was known of his sudden exit of the soap opera.

In that sense, from next week Ferda will no longer appear in “Doctor Miracle” and her last appearance will be this Friday, which has already been producing some discomfort among the public because many wanted to see her together with Ferman.

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Ferda’s last participation will be in a scene where she discovers that she was chosen by tanju to direct the Hospital Berhayat, but not because of his ability and talent.

I chose you because you are manageable. It is easy to deal with you. Look at that crazy man over there (for Ferman), he’s going to use a bladder on his heart and it occurred to him to do it in the middle of surgery. I can’t control Ferman and be boss at the same time. I thought you were going to help meTanju said.

The actress as Ferda Erinç.  (Photo: Fox Turkey)
The actress as Ferda Erinç. (Photo: Fox Turkey)

This causes great pain in Ferda who runs out and ends up crying on the terrace where she meets Ferman who comforts her. “SYou knew that Tanju made me the boss because she doesn’t know how to control you, what am I doing here? What am I doing here? “, confesses the doctor.

I feel very lonely and I can’t stop thinking about my father”He adds.

While Ferman expresses what he feels for her and how well she helps him. “You’re keeping me company. I know we disagree, you’re the only one I’ve talked to for a long time”Says Ferman.

After that, Ferda he goes home and looking for a solution to this case, he locks himself in the bathroom where he asks heaven to give him a signal whether to continue at work or to go far away.

All I want is to get out of here. But what is my dad going to do? Give me a sign, what am I doing in this place?”, He expressed.

Coming out of the bathroom, he talks to his father who was standing up and was able to walk on his own without help. Before that, Ferda made the decision to move away from the Hospital entirely.

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