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“, the that is emitted in the prime time of , is a few days away from reaching its end. The story of Ali Vefa He entered the decisive moments, so there is great expectation. Everything indicates that the problems for the protagonists are finally over, although the young doctor will still have to face a key moment.

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Much of the story revolves around the relationship between the character he plays Taner Ölmez and Nazli, his co-worker in a hospital in Istanbul. The good treatment between the two gives rise to a romance that had many twists and turns since they met. As expected, the end of the second season shows them very close.

However, they had not yet managed to have an intimate encounter due to the condition of Ali Vefa, who presents a autism spectrum disorder and has Savant syndrome. The marriage is approaching, so they were able to make it happen. It was nice, what else can I tell you. For me it was not like a year, but thousandsNazli said.

Undoubtedly, the emotion seems to take over the present of both, who have managed to captivate viewers. The novelty that this relationship will have is that Nazli announced to her boyfriend that she is pregnant. Doctor Miracle “ I had a great twist in store for the closing of the story.


Telefe had planned to broadcast the last chapter of “Doctor Miracle”Next November 8th. Although in the last hours, he announced the first broadcast of “MasterChef Celebrity” for that same day at 9:30 p.m., in his replacement. This has caused uncertainty in the fans of Ali Vefa, and at the moment it is not clear when the final chapter of the Turkish novel will be.


It is the story of Ali Vefa, a young man who has an autism spectrum disorder and has Savant syndrome, known as the wise man syndrome. Although he is a genius, he has difficulty communicating with people due to his condition. Although this does not limit his biggest dream: become a surgeon.

The protagonist has a godfather named Adil, who is the chief physician of the Anka Private Hospital. The man wants to hire him as an assistant physician for the centre’s surgeon unit, but the young doctor will face great resistance from his colleagues.

However, the doctor is put on probation for six months on the condition that if he makes a mistake he must resign his position. In this way, you get hired. Ali not only develops his profession in that hospital, he also finds friends and the love of a woman.


The Turkish series “Doctor Miracle” is broadcast through the signal of . This television channel, by rating strategy, changed the time of the story of Ali Vefa and now appears from Monday to Friday in local time at 9:30 p.m., after “Telefe Noticias” and before “Bake Off Argentina ”.


Telefe obtained during this 2021 the best rating measurements. The pelotitas channel beat El Trece, its main competitor, in all time slots. And now, with the year coming to an end, he wants to continue being the undisputed leader in terms of audience levels.

Now the channel authorities anticipated the start of “MasterChef Celebrity” and began to announce when the third edition of the successful kitchen reality show will begin, which will take the time of “Doctor Milagro”.


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