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Doctor Ricardo Rangel Guerra

Extraordinary doctor and friend.

Yesterday an extraordinary doctor departed into the sky, whom I had to meet and share moments of his life, always creative, for more than 50 years, since we were partners in the scholarship of the American College of Medicine, which sent Ricardo Rangel to the University of Miami to study a postgraduate degree in neurology and to subscribed to other universities in the northeastern United States.

Since then we signed a religious compadrazgo that I frequently celebrated in my personal encounters, with whom he is an icon of medicine, since he had qualities of dealing with the patient, which have been lost in the new area of ​​technology and coldness in love, which medicine must always produce and spread.

Ricardo was an incredible student; in addition, an exceptional artist and draftsman, qualities that added to his kindness, sympathy and daily humor, which always accompanied him in a fine and efficient academic treatment, since he founded the subject of medical neurology in our city and was awarded several times by the National Academy of Medicine and the Academy of Neurology, who always admired him, because his continuous updating allowed him to continue practicing medicine, even with a paralyzing illness, until the last days of his physical life.

He and I share many objectives and when it was my turn to introduce Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Latin America, at the University Hospital, he promised and fulfilled it, to buy another instrument for private professional practice, which he exercised after his responsibility of being the director of the chair of neurology of our Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, an institution that awarded him with two recognitions because, I reiterate, Ricardo, my compadre, became a symbol of what is and should be the medicine, and whose emotional and loving involvement must accompany professional excellence, which Ricardo always practiced.

In addition, he had the strong support of his wife Carolina, who was his strength in good times and in bad times, that sometimes they had to live, like the united couples, who always formed them and where the wife, I reiterate, He always participated with help and a Franciscan patience, for the busy life that a doctor, like him, had.

Yesterday I woke up with that news and could not believe it. Because a noble soul before destiny and a professional, artist and humorist has left, not from the rest of a chair of memory, but from the continuous daily work of caring for the sick, whom he treated as equals; and when they lacked resources, they received the financial support of the great physician and filial companion of a life, who now goes to the firmament of the gods.

For all the above, Ricardo Rangel Guerra, who sacrificed his physique for medicine, deserves a permanent space in the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and in his specialty, which he created, as exemplary recognition for future generations. His wife and children will always be by his side, with whom he formed a whole family, which received all the impregnation of love that Ricardo always practiced.

Descartes: I think, therefore I exist … The friend, the excellent doctor, the great artist left us and I want Carolina to always remember him and that her family enjoy the existential memories, which will never disappear, of the great character that I had the pleasure of knowing very much. well.

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