Doctor Strange, vehicles and more

Collaborations with Marvel continue, along with Iron Man and Black Widow in the fight against the Imagined Order.

It’s been a few months since Chapter 3 broke into the island of the popular battle-royale from Epic Games with big changes and lots new collaborations. Fortnite closed in the most epic way a Chapter 2 with which the island we knew turned around at sea. Since then, this first season has had stellar appearances such as that of the most dangerous bounty hunter in star warseven the good one Tom Holland came to the island like Nathan Drake.

Dr Strange and Marauder arrive at FortniteBut finally, Epic Games has presented his new season and has not left anyone indifferent. The trailer kicks off with a bang a merciless pitched battle against the Imagined Order, in a scene full of gigantic combat vehicles: Huge tanks, zeppelins, armored buses, and trucks usher in Season 2 with new enemies and allies.

The sky of the island is filled with zeppelinsThe presence of Marvel among the Fortnite collaborations continues to be more up-to-date than ever, and as we have seen in the trailer for this Season 2 of Chapter 3, we will have Marauder with Doctor Sloneforming part of the Imagined Order, while Stephen Strange arrives accompanied by Iron Man and Black Widow to save the day.

This collaboration comes when there are only a few months left for the premiere of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessthe new film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will narrate the events after Spider-Man: No Way Home. All of this comes with a patch 20.00 for Season 2, Resistance, available from todayMarch 20.

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