“Doctor Theerawat” reveals information about twisting, tilting, flicking, turning, bending the neck, risking paralysis

Our brain has two pairs of blood vessels. The front pair can be felt in the front of the neck, which feeds the frontal, 2 temporal, and deep brain regions. The posterior pair of blood vessels pass through the cervical vertebrae. and creeps through to nourish the occipital brain, which is the visual screen The posterior cerebellum controls balance. The brainstem, which controls the cranial nerves, combines eye movements. control of consciousness limb movement Vigorous neck flicks, twisted neck rotations, and routine exercises can have harmful effects.

The resulting danger varies with the speed. Severe twisting, flicking, neck movements and even rotation. flick not fast But repeating the same thing for a long time can happen. Not only the nerves in the neck also with blood vessels especially those who are born with a loss that is having only one pair of blood vessels in the back And in people who have already narrowed blood vessels from congenital disease, such as obesity, high blood pressure, too much fat, or have a bone sprout in the neck that is ready to press on the vein, or people with congenital vascular wall disease (which is very rare)

Precautions and mechanisms for neck dislocation paralysis As a result of pinching, bending, tilting, flicking, there is an official report from the American Heart Association and Cerebrovascular Disorders. The report is supported and supported by the American Society of Neurological Surgeons and Congress. Published in the October 2014 issue of the journal Stroke, reflexology should be cautious as well. This is because the posterior pair of blood vessels runs into the brain through two holes at the base of the skull. from massage, there may be a wayClose – open the door

Opening and closing the door involves pressing on the two holes, which cut off blood flow to the occipital cerebral cortex, the visual screen in the brain. darken the eyes for a moment and when releasing the acupressure The blood will flow as before, making your eyes open. which in people whose blood vessels are abnormal Eyes can go dark. become blind on both sides

for neck how to cure tiredness Including being able to do physical therapy by yourself, which is a straight neck, straight face, pushing your head against your palm in 4 directions, left and right, front and back equals 1 cycle, pushing pressure for a long time, doing 10-20 times a day at any time, helps with bone pressure nerve bone restructuring tendons into place strengthen neck muscles No need to pull your neck at the hospital, wasting time in traffic jams The important thing is not to take painkillers. Which is a solution to the cause. Stomach perforation, kidney failure, and painkillers can also cause a blocked artery.

After giving information aboutturn the neck twist the neckalready have to study to the practitioner about physical therapy orthopedic Body exercises, yoga, barbershops, massages, I know that the conclusions are based on actual medical evidence as shown in the journal above. This is for maximum safety. Therefore, if you want to clarify that, however, please contact the American heart association/ stroke But it is worth reading the evidence and the process of the origin of such caution. If you know the prohibition Knowing the structure of blood vessels and bones, tendons and dangerous postures should not be a problem.

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