“Doctor Theerawat” reveals the problem of those who have received 2 doses of the Sinovac vaccine and have a low immunity.

1. People who are normally vaccinated will have High, medium, and low responses are common. but must depend on
Inactivated vaccines such as rabies vaccine Three injections are required on days zero, three, and seven to begin to see immunity in the blood around day 10 and develop in all people on day 14.

Therefore, the “Shinovac” vaccine is administered in two doses one month apart. therefore assessed three or four weeks after the second dose. But this should have a satisfactory level of growth in everyone.

2. But in some groups who received the vaccine on the same day get the same injection It appears that there is no immunity at all (less than 20%). It is possible that the same vaccine may be a problem.

3. Having important congenital conditions such as the elderly and having diabetes that does not increase the immune system This is from the data collection of an institution.

4. Start reporting on patients.”Covid-19“Although 2 injections of Sinovac and 1 dose of Astrazeneca, some people who have had a post-injection immunity test have been shown to increase, but not very high.

Therefore, in cases where the landscape does not rise or rise is less than 68%, which is a theoretical number correlated with the prevention of addiction You may want to consider getting a third dose of vaccine, whether it’s the old brand or the new one.

In addition, in the case of allergic reactions or side effects, regardless of the vaccine. There is no clear evidence that it increases immunity. Because it is inflammation through different systems.

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