“Doctor Theerawat” warns if the vaccine doesn’t reach 70-90 % in 2-3 months, the ICU bed is tight. 

Patients with mild symptoms spent at least 14 days in a “non-private hospital”.

Estimate the cost of treatment, medicine, equipment, at least 200,000 baht

Patients who need to start using hypoxia to keep the air bag from deflating The treatment became more difficult. Estimates are higher, becoming lonely and starting to spend more time in the hospital.

Patients who are critically ill in the semi-ICU or ICU will stay a week Great life saving equipment Intubation ventilators and other organ failures followed, kidneys, heart, brain, etc.

Spending weeks in the hospital for months to months is certainly millions.

Consequently, a chain of patients who have been raised to a very severe condition has no place in the ICU to enter.


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