Doctors call the cheapest way to quickly reduce blood sugar

Today, 11:15 | author: Ivan Egorov | Photo

When the pancreas does not produce insulin or the body is resistant to insulin production, diabetes can occur. Without insulin, the endocrine system tries to convert the sugar it receives into energy.

The disease is usually asymptomatic until it becomes severe. Therefore, most patients are unaware of the existence of this disease.

At the same time, doctors assure that it is possible to control the situation with diabetes mellitus with the help of a simple diet. According to them, cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels.

Experts say the spice helps improve the body’s response to insulin and leads to lower blood sugar levels. Doctors are already recommending cinnamon to their patients, even though the research is still pending.

Doctors report that balance is important in everything, including nutrition. Cinnamon helps fight sugar for people with diabetes. Despite the fact that the spice is inexpensive, it lowers glucose levels, lowers cholesterol and increases the body’s response to insulin.


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