Doctors demand more role for AP in the faculty

The Primary Care Physicians Forum, assembled online on November 10, continues to assess the current situation of Primary Care. This Forum considers that it is essential to value the Primary care and give it the space that corresponds to it starting with the Faculties of Medicine.

On October 8, the 1st Day of Primary Care took place at the University, organized by the State Council of Medical Students and with the participation of this Forum. From the entities and societies that are part of it, the absence of the National Confederation of Deans on said day is considered inappropriate, since the promotion of this type of activities, among others, is essential in motivating students to choose places of Family and Community Medicine and practice Pediatrics in Primary Care.

Congratulations to Vicenç Martínez

On the other hand, the Forum of Primary Care Physicians congratulates Vicenç Martínez for his appointment as the new general director of Professional Regulation of the Ministry of Health and hopes, after requesting a official meeting, to be able to expose you all the concerns and possible solutions about the application of RD 29/2020, ask him to work in line with the fulfillment of the commitments contained in the Strategic Framework of Primary Care, to apply the urgent measures already previously proposed by the Forum and to count on its offer.

The entities and companies that are part of the Forum continue to reject in its entirety the content of RDL 29/2020 on teleworking, homologation of non-EU titles and hiring of doctors without

specialty to carry out the tasks of specialist doctors.

“Much of the consequences of the application of this RDL fall on Primary Care and its execution denotes a lack of knowledge, foresight and intention to solve the current situation that lives Primary Care. It also shows the little interest in maintaining and ensuring excellence in Healthcare Quality “, considers the Forum.

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