Doctors support restrictions in Neuquén: “they were essential”

Two weeks ago the Neuquén health system has collapsed, with intensive therapies at 99% occupancy. And as the members of the Health system point out, not only are there people waiting for a respirator, but also those who access it and those who do not are already being selected. In this context, last week, the entire medical community asked to press the “red button”. The measures taken yesterday by the provincial government seem to respond to that request and health professionals call for compliance to alleviate the exhausted health system.

He Neuquén Medical College issued a statement endorsing the isolation measures taken by the provincial government for the seven cities that have community circulation of the virus.

“The measures taken were essential. Our system is saturated and healthcare workers need a break. We do not want the images that were seen in other countries, “begins by pointing out the Neuquén Medical College.

And at the same time he asks the community to “accompany these decisions.” “In these 14 days, let’s make the effort as a society. Let us defend what has been done so far. We appeal to the solidarity of all. The responsibility is mine, yours, ours “, closes the statement.

The union secretary of the Neuquén Health Professionals Union (Siprosapune), Noemi Alemany also agreed with the doctors. “This will have to be seen in 15 days, but This is what we have been demanding, a much more positive and proactive action protecting the Health system so that, at least, the number of virus circulation decreases and thus the population can respond well to the issue of beds, “said the professional.

And he added: “we see it as something positive, Let’s hope that once and for all it is understood that the issue of income to Health must be calmed down a bit, because it is not the workers who have to decide who lives and who does not. “

Alemany also assured that Circulation restriction measures could reduce infections by 50% and that in this way “the issue of beds in hospitals will be alleviated a bit.”

The staff is absolutely exhausted, there is no possibility of opening more beds because there is no way, there is no human resource toTo open more beds, then the ones that are there you have to try to maintain them, so that none fall, and for that we have to make less infected and fewer demands on health services. It is the only one “, highlighted the representative of the union of health professionals.

Of course the restriction on circulation It brought complaints from various sectors of society and, above all, from merchants. In this regard, Alemany confided that although anger is understood, no “there are many tools that this virus is giving us to try to sustain how little, how much or how medium the health services have at this point after six months of enduring this pandemic. ”

The one who spoke out against the measures that restrict circulation in localities with community circulation of the virus was Darío Más, general secretary of the Neuquén Nursing Union.

We insist that the issue of isolation is not the way. People need to get out, people need to work. We must already think about the new normal, about other types of measures to take and what must be reinforced is the issue of controls, “said the representative of the nurses.

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