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This Saturday, November 7, in a unique function, the documentary will be released The Jaivas, All Together, record that reviews through songs, stories, stories and unpublished images the trajectory of the fundamental Viñamarino group.

In an alliance between Invercine and the Los Jaivas Cultural Foundation, the production promises a trip through the 57 years of the band, from its origins as High Bass to the present day.

The project was promoted by the host of Channel 13 Sergio Lagos. “(He) came up with this idea years ago which he had not been able to achieve. We needed to raise the financing, and we generated an alliance with C13 for the exhibition, in addition to financing the project together with the Cultural Corporation of the Chilean Chamber of Construction and Caja Los Andes ”, he said Macarena cardone, executive producer of Invercine & Wood.

“Los Jaivas, All Together”

In dialogue with La Radio, Eduardo Parra, one of the founders of Los Jaivas, highlighted the importance of this audiovisual record.

“The archive comes together over the years and many objects, photographs, films, remain practically unseen, or someone saw them at the time… But in reality there are countless objects and things in the archive that we honestly did not know. ”, He said.

“Los Jaivas, All Together”
“Los Jaivas, All Together”

In turn, Parra recounted the surprises he got when reviewing the feature film. “I had breakfast watching interviews that I never would have imagined existed, with Julio Anderson (former bassist for Los Jaivas), Pajarito (Carlos) Canzani (another former Los Jaivas). There are many statements from Gato (Alquinta), Gabriel (Parra) and even mine that I didn’t even know existed, so the emotion is very great, “he said.

The documentary required almost a year of filming with the band, in different periods, in Chile, Argentina, France and Holland.

Its premiere was set for this Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Entries and coordinates are available through Puntoticket. The unique value is $2.900 (plus service charge). Check out the trailer here:


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