Documents: Baldwin was practicing taking out the gun at the time of the fatal accident

Actor Alec Baldwin was practicing taking out a gun and aiming it at the camera when the shot that killed a cinematographer was fired during the filming of the Western movie in the United States, according to US media, according to court documents.

And director Joel Sousa, who was shot in the shoulder, was standing behind Halina Hutchins. He stated that he heard what looked like a “whip and then a bang,” according to the preliminary investigation report seen by NBC.

“Alec (Baldwin) was sitting on a bench in the middle of a church décor and practicing taking out a gun,” according to the document. The director was watching the scene from behind Hutchins.

After the shot, the cinematographer pressed her stomach, according to the director, who indicated that she was “falling backwards” before helping her to “lie down.”

Photographer Red Russell revealed that the scene was not recorded because the crew was preparing to shoot.

The “Rust” film crew was returning from a lunch break and the director said he was not “sure” that the pistol had undergone a new security check.

Helena Hutchins was shot in the chest by Alec Baldwin from a weapon used as an accessory in the movie “Rust,” according to a preliminary investigation report seen by AFP. She was airlifted to a hospital in New Mexico, where she was pronounced dead.

Director Joel Sousa, who injured his shoulder in that incident, is in the process of recovering.

The tragedy occurred at Bonanza Creek Ranch, a location widely used for filming Western films, and police cordoned off it and prevented entry.

No prosecutions have yet been launched in this regard, according to a spokesman for the police office.

Alec Baldwin remains at large after being questioned, with investigations focused on the hypothesis of the accident.


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