Does Andrea Valdiri confirm her relationship with Felipe Saruma?

In recent days, the dancer has been very ‘together’ with the influencer Felipe Saruma, with whom she would be giving herself a new opportunity. Love or friendship?

Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma

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Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma

Andrea Valdiri and Felipe Saruma (Instagram /)

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Since the Barranquillera Andrea Valdiri ended her relationship with the singer Lowe Leon and had his daughter Adhara, he has been romantically linked to the content creator Felipe Saruma, with whom he began a great friendship for months.

The couple has been so close that, even, at the birth of Adhara, it was Felipe who was aware of all the details. In addition, in the stories that each one shares on their social networks, they appear very happy, generating all kinds of comments and speculations about a possible love relationship.

This weekend they shared some photos where they are hugged as if they were a couple. According to the followers, they would already be dating in a formal way, because every day more expressions of affection are manifested. Users even say that Felipe has brought out his facet as a father, since he has been in charge of taking care of and sleeping little Adhara. Apparently, the influencer and the dancer would be living together, since the young man lived in Medellín and left for Barranquilla.

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Another supposed proof by the followers is that the businesswoman has been heard several times say love to Felipe. However, there are other users who say that it is only a great friendship, which is why they have so much confidence. So far neither of them has said anything about it.

On the other hand, Laura Jaramillo’s statements about the dancer have also been a trend. In a question and answer session, a follower wrote the following to Michael Ortega’s ex: “If Andrea Valdiri asks you to forgive what happened in the past, would you forgive her?” Laura did not hesitate to answer “Yes. I already forgave a long time ago. That part of my life is healed and closed ”.

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