Does female alcoholism exist?

It is a mistake to think that a woman’s addiction to alcohol is different. If they are still 3 times less numerous than men, their number continues to increase and they often start very early, around the age of 13 or 14, like boys.

Female alcoholism, an additional taboo

While a man can be considered a bon vivant when he consumes excess alcohol, women face an additional taboo that often locks them in shame. Often seen as an easy, dirty or indecent woman, many injunctions hover over female alcoholism.

And yet, to believe that the disease is different in women is wrong. The mechanisms of addiction are the same in the brain, and cause similar symptoms, such as the urge to drink or withdrawal symptoms.

Different risk factors for women

The peculiarities of female alcoholism reside rather in the risk factors such as the mental load, the accumulation of responsibilities, or hormonal disorders, in particular a premenstrual syndrome difficult to bear. We also often find a history of sexual violence which increases addictive behavior in general.

To respond to their particularities, some associations, such as Addict’elles for example, offer an online discussion group to all women affected by addiction in order to share testimonies and free these women from the taboo of alcoholism.

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