Does Germany really have five times more intensive care beds than France?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – Since the start of the epidemic, this figure has continued to circulate to extol the robustness of the German health system. But what exactly is it?

Doctors at Aachen University Hospital in Germany on November 10.
Doctors at Aachen University Hospital in Germany on November 10. INA FASSBENDER / AFP

THE QUESTION. Germany would be much better endowed with resuscitation beds than France, which would allow it to better cope with the epidemic. This argument, presented as evidence, has continued to gain credibility as dozens of French patients were transferred across the Rhine during the first wave.

Some experts have also taken this idea to their account, such as Prof. Philippe Juvin, doctor and LR mayor of La Garenne-Colombes. “Look at the Germans: 5 times more intensive care beds, a lot less restrictions“, He said on October 8 on France 2.

However, with the resurgence of the epidemic, German resuscitators are worried about the number of beds actually available. So what is it? Does Germany really have a supply of resuscitation beds five times greater than ours?

CHECKS. Officially, Germany had 28,751 beds intensive care and resuscitation on November 5,

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