Does Moritz Hans start after the finale in “real dance sport”?

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What’s next after “Let’s Dance” for Moritz Hans?

If Moritz Hans had been told before the 13th season of “Let’s Dance” that he would make it to the quarter-finals of the show and even put a Viennese waltz on the floor blindfolded, he would not have believed it. But that’s exactly what happened. The climber has once again demonstrated his talent for dancing in the 10th show and even dances in Show 11 to reach the finals. “Let’s Dance” 2020 is slowly but surely coming to an end. And what’s next for the athlete? Martin Tietjen asked him that in the official “Let’s Dance” podcast. And Moritz Hans has big plans!

Moritz Hans wants to stay true to dancing

The “Ninja Warrior Germany” star is an athlete through and through. His greatest passion is without a doubt climbing. But it seems as if the 23-year-old actually discovered a completely new sport in “Let’s Dance”. And that’s why he doesn’t want to stop dancing after the show. In the podcast, he says: “I just feel like watching the right dance sport.”

Jury member Motsi Mabuse had already suggested that he take part in a tournament – and Moritz actually wants to make that a reality. “A tournament like this with Renata would be a cool thing,” he tells Martin Tietjen, who wants to know immediately whether Moritz really dares to do that. “With training, preparation and Renata by my side, not much can go wrong,” says the “Let’s Dance” candidate. In any case, one thing is certain for him: “I will definitely not stop dancing.”

In the latest podcast episode, he reveals how it was for him at the beginning of the season to get to know stars like Ilka Bessin & Co. and how the celebrities understand each other.

The official “Let’s Dance” podcast

In the current episode, Martin Tietjen and Bella Lesnik also talk to Jorge’s stylist Irina Kuss and, of course, to the former dance couple Ilka Bessin and Erich Klann.

All dances by Moritz Hans here in the playlist

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