Does taking vitamin D help?

Vitamin can influence the immune system, as infection research has long proven.
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A natural protective shield against the pandemic virus: Many see vitamin D with its immunological advantages in the best position. The evidence is still weak, but there are good reasons to believe in it.

SAs long as there is no corona vaccination, the question arises whether there is next to the “Aha” rules (distance, hygiene and everyday mask) there are other ways to protect yourself from Sars-CoV-2. Recently, vitamin D has been quickly referred to. For weeks, doctors and self-appointed health apostles have been discussing whether vitamin D could prevent infections and help with Covid-19.

On the one hand, there are observations that show that groups that have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic often have low vitamin D levels in their blood. This includes old and sick people who are either seldom outside or, because of their dark skin color, take in less sunlight and thus produce less vitamin D. On the other hand, vitamin D has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the immune system. It dampens inflammation and creates proteins that kill viruses and bacteria. Older studies also show that getting enough vitamin D lowers the risk of respiratory infections like the flu.


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