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I believe that if there are players who are playing Apex like the editor, they must be resentful for those who use plug-ins to affect the game experience. No matter it is in general or integral games, you will always encounter the situation that you can’t hide your head or open it completely, and there is no way to hide. No matter what game has a plug-in, the plug-in business is also becoming more and more savvy. The players who open the plug-in are also trying to compare who can win the actor award, and even more ruthlessly you are DDos.

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Apex is already in its ninth season. Although they are working hard, they are far from being able to guard against these villains. There are also live hosts in the FB community that appeal to all players to work together. As long as they encounter a plug-in, they will send the video to the official for disposal. There is a slight improvement. a little. However, you sometimes can’t see it at the many performances in the back. You may think that it is pre-opening when the plug-in switch is turned on and off, and the perspective is on.

Respawn Studio issued a statement on Twitter in the early morning of today (29):

The Respawn team is working hard to find more ways to counteract fraud

1. Hire more people to manually catch plug-ins

2. Develop more tools to automatically detect and prevent DDOS attacks

3. Research on faster ways to capture and delete plug-ins from the game

We all know that it feels bad to fight against a plug-in. If the above changes are released and there are any new changes, we will notify you in time.

Frankly speaking, players have almost lost confidence in the game, but if Respawn is really working hard for it, why not! But sometimes a server crash is really more uncomfortable than encountering a plug-in, or is it because the server is too often caused by DDos? Let us look at it with an optimistic attitude! I also hope that all players will have a better gaming experience! It means that after the undead changes, they become spiders, and there will be heirlooms… Are you ready for your wallet?

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