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Dog sledding exploration game “Arctico” officially released in February 2022. Overcoming the harsh conditions and taking 7 years to complete –AUTOMATON

Individual developer Claudio Norori said on December 6th, “Early Access is currently being distributed.Arctico』 New trailer released. Announced that this work will be officially released in February 2022. This work has been continuously updated with early access distribution for over 7 years. It was delivered in early access for quite a long time. It seems that the social turmoil involving the developers was also behind the fact that it took a long time to complete.

“Arctico” is an adventure game where you explore the beautiful frigid world. Players collect resources by making full use of transportation such as dog sledding and kayaking in the silver world. Set up a base to work on research and plant cultivation. The base is customizable and can be expanded through research and cultivation. Arrange the decorations according to your taste and create a base that brings warmth and comfort. This work also supports online co-op play with two people, so it’s a good idea to work with your friends to keep warm.

As mentioned above, there are various means of transportation in this work. First of all, the centerpiece is a dog sled, which carries the player powerfully with a four-headed pull. Each dog can interact with each other, such as by stroking it, and can be given a name. The world of silver and silver running with four pet dogs will be exceptional. Besides, you can use kayaking in the water, and you can also explore from the air with parachutes and gliders. With equipment tailored to the situation, you can explore the frigid islands. Rather than surviving the rugged and frigid world, this work is a concept work that calms down and enjoys the beauty of the world. However, at the beginning of Early Access distribution, it seems that it was developed with a different concept from the present.

This work was originally titled “Eternal Winter” and was being developed as a strict survival game. It will be developed by Claudio Norori and Antonio Vargas mentioned above. After various gameplay policy changes, this work has settled down to the current soft and warm style. This work changed its name to “Arctico” in November 2018.The reason for the name change is that the name “Eternal Winter” does not fit the calm style that this work has settled down.explanationWas.

And the development of this work was suspended due to a problem shortly before the name change. It was the social situation that stood in front of the development. Norori was once based in Nicaragua. However, from around April 2018, the social situation in Nicaragua deteriorated rapidly, triggered by President Ortega’s dictatorship and social security reforms. There were protests and crackdowns involving the entire country, including many deaths in the demonstrations. In response to this situation, the two developers of this work temporarily stopped development. It was decided to devote himself to the development of game works to convey the current situation of Nicaragua. That work was released as “Nightfall in Nicaragua”, but is currently closed.

And a few months later, the development of Eternal Winter resumed and was renamed Arctico. The deterioration of the social situation that affects the citizens may have had an impact on the development period and concept of this work. Norori is currently based in Peru, according to his Twitter account information.

“Arctico” is a PC (Steam) Currently in early access delivery. The official release is scheduled for February 2022. I look forward to the official release that will bear fruit for about 7 years.

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