Dogecoin is ready to climb up to 1000% in the current trend!

Holders of dogecoin are expecting a significant memecoin upgrade which should lead to lower transaction fees. Analysts have predicted that the price of DOGE is ready to explode with a massive rupture.

Dogecoin holders are aiming for 500-1000% gains and are waiting for a bullish breakout of DOGE.

Glauber Contessoto, known as Millionaire dogecoin, announced that he had recently purchased $ 5,000 worth of Dogecoin. Contessoto predicted that

“Something big is going to happen with DOGE soon”.

He urged traders to accumulate memecoin.

Dogecoin has exceeded Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Cardano in returns since the start of the year, offering more than 4,500% gains since the start of 2021.

Dogecoin creator Billy Markus had said that once DOGE nodes upgrade to version 1.14.4 there will be a reduction in transaction fees on the Dogecoin network. Supporters expect the fee cut to boost the utility of DOGE and trigger a bullish rally.

Billy Markus has been cited as:

β€œTie a knot if you want to, or not. If you want to help support the network, you will need to focus on running a complete and reliable node, using significant bandwidth, and keeping it up to date. But for 1.14.4 to be successful, existing node operators need to update. ”

Markus pointed out that if the existing node operators updated to version 1.14.1, that would be enough for the network to lower its transaction costs, and it is not necessary for new nodes to join the network to get the same result.

The development team behind Dogecoin is working on the Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge. Development is underway; no launch date has yet been announced.

Justin Bennet, cryptocurrency analyst and founder of Crypocademy HQ, shared his optimistic outlook on DOGE. The analyst predicted a 500-1000% increase in the price of DOGE.

Bennet predicted that once the DOGE price crosses the $ 0.24 mark, it will be ready to climb 500 to 1000 percent.

DOGE’s price trend predicts gains of 70% once the price crosses $ 0.25.

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