Dogs and cats will have their music list on Spotify tomorrow

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The “humanization” of animals progresses by leaps and bounds. They are no longer just, for example, dog coffees … Now they can also have “their” favorite music list …

Thus, users of the Spotify live audio platform can create from this Wednesday a list of 30 personalized songs for their companion animal, based on the tastes of the user and the personality of their companion animals, through the “Playlists for pets” experience.

This is an initiative recently launched by this audio platform because, according to a statement, “79% of Spaniards have put music to their pets (on occasion), and 84% say they love to listen to it ».

For this reason, from now on, animal lovers whose companion animal is a dog, cat, iguana, hamster or bird, can enjoy with them the 30 songs that best fit the temperament of their pet.

And it is that 70% of those surveyed by the platform worldwide «think daily about the emotional well-being of their animal friends, and most agree that music can help them relieve stress, increase their happiness and keep them company» .

To elaborate the playlist, it is enough to perform a test in which you have to choose the type of animal, add information about its personality, in addition to including its name and a photo, and the playlist will be generated instantly.

In Spain, 46 out of 100 people believe that their pet “prefers certain songs and musical genres”, and from Spotify they emphasize that among the favorite genres of pets are classic rock and soft rock. .


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