DOGTV, a streaming service that lacks a dog

Launched on November 8 in Europe, the streaming service DOGTV all its programs are intended for canine companions. A British TV critic and columnist tested it with his dog, Lyra. Here is his record.

I’ve been trying to convince my dog, Lyra, to watch DOGTV for almost an hour – available to stream in the UK and Europe since November 8th [il s’agissait au départ d’une chaîne de télé payante israélienne, lancée en 2012] – when suddenly, various thoughts assail my mind: what am I doing with my life? And why do I feel like I’m in a sceneClockwork Orange ?

As an introduction, DOGTV offers a series of short videos aimed at explaining why this service exists and how you, the human being with a dog, are supposed to use it. In an animation commented by a man who pretends to express himself from a dog’s point of view, we learn that the platform was created by “Scientists and canine experts” and that it is based on “more than 60 scientific studies ”. The principle: to offer soothing content, broadcast with colors and sounds adapted to the senses of our four-legged companions and full of “Therapeutic sound frequencies and positive affirmations”. DOGTV is therefore there to stimulate dogs, calm them down and even educate them, gradually exposing them to new or potentially disturbing sounds for them.

A delicate device

In another presentation video, an American dog trainer named Mikkel Becker, accompanied by her dog Indiana Bones, assures us that this channel is beneficial for our furry companions even when they are not actively watching it. DOGTV helps them be calmer, more relaxed and happier, says Becker. Although the effects may take several weeks to appear. Then, she lets Indiana Bones put her tongue to her mouth. It’s there that


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