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The in Venezuela it remained above the barrier of 4 million sovereign bolivars this Thursday, amid Nicolás Maduro’s request to the UN that all sanctions against his country be lifted.

The exchange rate was quoted at 4’015,166.32 bolivars per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to data from the platform .

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, ratified this Wednesday, when he intervened before the UN General Assembly, his “demand” that “all criminal sanctions” be lifted against his country.

We ratify our request, our demand that all criminal sanctions be lifted against the Venezuelan economy, against Venezuelan society by the United States and by the governments of the European Union.Maduro said in a recorded speech.

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In this sense, he recalled that his country has “on multiple occasions” brought to different organizations of the United Nations system and to the General Assembly “the denunciation of the fierce onslaught, of the fierce campaign” that he considers to have been underway against his country since “The elites who have ruled the United States.”

That campaign, always according to the Venezuelan ruler, has had “complicity from the elites that run organizations in Europe and elsewhere.”

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