Dollar falls to July lows awaiting Federal Reserve

The dollar does not stop falling against the Chilean peso and today it settled at its lowest level in a month and a half, waiting for the Federal Reserve.

The US currency traded at a selling point of $ 760.93, a drop of 95 cents from the previous session.

This is the fourth consecutive fall, a period in which it accumulates a drop of $ 9.8.

Even so, in the balance of 2020, marked by the global impact of the coronavirus, the exchange rate accumulates an increase of $ 4.76.

The price coincided with the increases in the main markets of the world, including that of raw materials such as copper.

Now the world’s investors are paying attention to the Federal Reserve and what its chairman, Jerome Powell, will say.

“A” dovish “or expansionary monetary policy message from the FED could boost the market again and give greater strength to the falls in the dollar idex, which could also lead the exchange rate to seek the July lows , between $ 750 and $ 755 “; said. Sebastián Espinosa, market strategist at XTB Latam.

With everything, according to information from Pulse Trader, the market does not see major rises in the Chilean peso, mainly due to political issues.

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