Dollar soars to 21.09 pesos, its most expensive price in 6 months

The dollar reaches the most expensive price of the last six months, due to the fear of closure of the administration of state United and the pressures inflationary.

The currency is sold this Wednesday at 21.09 pesos at CitiBanamex windows, its most expensive price since March 30, when it was also offered at 21.09 units.

The dollar has risen 24 cents during the day and accumulates an increase of 56 cents in the last four days.

At wholesale, the dollar is exchanged at 20.59 pesos and is equivalent to an increase of 1.2% or 24 cents compared to Tuesday’s close, figures from the Bloomberg agency indicate.

BBVA analysts point out that market participants fear a new shutdown of the United States administration, as the countdown to reaching an agreement to extend the spending ceiling is coming to an end, and the positions of Democrats and Republicans still they have not removed the shadow of the administrative closure.

Yesterday, the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, Janet Yallen, again called on legislators to increase the debt ceiling to prevent the country from defaulting for the first time in its history; he warned that the government would run out of funds on October 18.

At BBVA they also highlight that investors focus on the tension in supply chains as a result of the imbalance facing the energy sector in China.

Banorte experts agreed that the markets will be attentive to the negotiations on the debt ceiling in the American Union.

“The debate on the debt ceiling in Washington, the problems in the supply chain and concerns about inflation, add caution in the market,” they explained in a report published this morning.



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