Dollar today: how much it is trading at this Wednesday, October 14

The crisis of confidence in the financial market was again focused on exchange rate tensions, given a greater demand for hedging, with operators waiting for possible next measures that try to reduce the adverse dynamics due to associated risks (fiscal and monetary imbalance).

Faced with this panorama, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which had meetings with the Government during an in-person visit the previous week, warned this Wednesday that Argentina faces very dramatic challenges “. “The country is in a deep recession, social conditions are worsening, economic imbalances are growing, the divorce between the official exchange rate and the other exchange rates is expanding”, was the response of the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from Washington on the occasion of the press conference and a question from Ambit.

Analysts agree that the gap puts any type of economic recovery at risk, so new signals are not ruled out from the Government, which recognizes that the exchange market “is disorderly.”

To try to bring tranquility to the markets, the president, Alberto Fernández, He ruled out a devaluation of the peso to businessmen on Wednesday and said that people’s deposits will “never” be touched.

“He would never do such a thing. What we need is an Argentina that grows with confidence,” said the president at the opening of the IDEA virtual colloquium.

Blue Dollar

In a context of limited operations, the blue dollar bounces $ 1 to $ 167, after dropping $ 1 the day before, bringing the gap to 115.7%, according to a survey of Ambit in caves of the Buenos Aires city.

Pressured by tighter restrictions in the official market, and uncertainty regarding the future of the economy, the spread between the parallel and the wholesale dollar had reached 116.5% on Friday, the highest level so far this year. The blue racked up an increase of $ 17 last week.

Since the Central Bank announced greater restrictions to access the official foreign exchange market, in mid-September, the informal one registered a rise of $ 35 (it went from $ 131 to $ 166).

Official dollar

In the official market, the The solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and 35% to Profit account-, increased eight cents to $ 136.90, since the retailer operates on the rise to $ 82.97 (five cents more than Tuesday). At Banco Nación, meanwhile, the ticket is sold for $ 82.25.

For its part, in the wholesale segment, the currency yields one cent to $ 77.43, under the regulation of the Central Bank with sales and purchases.

Yesterday, despite the fact that the monetary authority ended with a neutral balance of the BCRA in its interventions, the Gross Reserves International $ 196 million fell until the u $ s40,838 million. Y They accumulated a loss of US $ 543 million so far in October.

From the BCRA they reported that the decline responded to the variation in the price of gold and yuan, within a framework of strengthening the dollar at the international level.


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