Dolly Eyes vs Bags Under the Eyes: The Ultimate Guide to Eye Enhancements and Treatments

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Everyone wants to have beautiful eyes. And another trend that is currently popular is filling in the under-eye layers or dolly eyes that help make the eyes bright and cute like Japanese and Korean girls. But there are many people who want to fix the problem of bags under the eyes. So what is the difference between dolly eyes and bags under the eyes?

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For people who want to add cuteness to the eye area You’ve probably heard of the trend of adding layers under the eyes – Dolly eyes. At the same time, many people have problems with bags under their eyes. Which is caused by swelling and caused by sagging. So what are the differences between dolly eyes and bags under the eyes? Why do some people want to add But some people want to solve the problem.

Current trendSurgery and beauty Open and more popular Both botulinum toxin injections Or what we affectionately call ‘Botox’, filler injections and surgery to boost confidence. Whether it’s breast augmentation Cutting skin on the stomach and face using various techniques. To help keep you young and get better results

While the eye area is another point on the face. which is popular in plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery Whether it’s double eyelid surgery, eyebrow lifting, and solving the problem of bags under the eyes, as well as the trend of adding under-eyelids. that we often hear that Dolly Eye – Dolly eyes, which will increase the cuteness of Japanese and Korean girls, but many people may wonder. How are they different from bags under the eyes? ‘Krungthep Turakij’ invites you to understand ‘Dolly Eye’ and ‘bags under the eyes’ It is recommended that this should be done by a skilled doctor.

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Dolly eyes

Information from Masterpiece Hospital Explains that adding layers under the eyes, Dolly eyes – Dolly eyes or Love bands is another.cosmetic surgeryThe eye area is quite popular nowadays. Because it can change the face to look cuter and more youthful. By the beginning of doing that It comes from the desire to make the eyes look bigger and bigger, following the style of Korean stars and models. Later, it became popular in Thailand.

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What is Dolly Eye?

Doing a dolly eye is using techniques to modify the eyes. That helps make our eyes beautiful, look juicy, look cute, look bright, look cute like Korean girls. while showing off his smile Our eyes have eyelids that create dolly eyes. It is a muscle bundle at the lower eyelid that occurs while we are smiling. It is a natural facial expression.

But in some cases, there are little or no muscle bundles in this area. making it difficult to see clearly which these problems Can be corrected with special techniques by a specialized doctor to achieve good results, cleanliness, and prevent side effects. which after adjustment is complete Our lower eyelid area will appear thicker. Makes the eyes and the overall composition of the eyes look bigger and brighter. It can boost confidence and create a good impression from the first sight.

Making a dolly eye on the lower eyelid to make it look thicker Makes the eyes look bigger, brighter, and outstanding. After the procedure, the overall face will look sweeter. and look younger One of the eye surgery services that is suitable for those who want to correct their eyes to look cute in Korean style.

Preparation before surgery

Inform the doctor of your medical condition. Congenital medicines, history of surgery, history of drug allergies, history of food allergies (If you have a medical history from the hospital Should be brought on the consultation day) or notified before the surgery booking date. Patients receiving blood thinners and drugs that affect blood clotting group painkillers or medicines for other congenital diseases, you should consult with your doctor before undergoing surgery or notify before the date of booking the surgery. Refrain from taking all kinds of vitamin supplements such as vitamin E, fish oil, ginkgo leaves, grape seeds, ginseng, etc. You must stop taking the medicine for at least 1 month. You should wash your hair thoroughly before the day of surgery. And don’t put on makeup on the day of surgery. Do not wear contact lenses on the day of surgery. If you have vision problems, wear eyeglasses instead. Refrain from wearing any type of jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, etc., on your body on the day of surgery. (If it cannot be removed, you must inform the staff.) Refrain from smoking for at least 4 weeks before and after surgery. This is because the substances in cigarettes affect the amount of oxygen in the blood. and destroy cells that will repair wound healing As a result, the blood that will nourish the surgical area will decrease. There is a chance that the surgical skin will lack oxygen. Makes the wound heal more slowly than usual and risk infection Refrain from drinking alcohol 1-2 days before surgery. and continue for at least 1 week after surgery before surgery Patients must clean their fingernails and toenails thoroughly. Refrain from painting your fingernails, toenails, and refrain from all types of nail extensions. Get your mind ready. You shouldn’t get too excited. And you should know that after surgery there will inevitably be swelling and bruising around the wound. and changes in the face or the area of ​​the body where surgery was performed This takes time for the wound to heal or to get used to the new image.

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Post-operative care

while sleeping You should sleep with your head elevated. Also apply a cold compress to reduce swelling around the eyelids. Refrain from washing your face for 3 days to prevent the wound from getting damp. But can be cleaned using a clean cloth moistened with warm water. Wipe the wound area Along with using a clean cloth to dry. During the 3-5 days after surgery, warm water compresses should be applied to reduce swelling. Avoid wearing cosmetics that need to be wiped clean around the eye area after surgery, when stitches are removed. Be careful when rubbing or wiping harshly around your eyes. To prevent problems with wound tearing You should choose to eat enough nutritious food. To allow the body to recuperate quickly Take medicine and strictly follow your doctor’s orders. Drink enough clean water to meet your body’s needs.

What are bags under the eyes?

Information from Dr. Surasit Assadamongkol, a specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Bangmod Hospital, has provided knowledge about Eliminate various problems of ‘bags under the eyes’ with the Bangmod technique through the website Bangmod Hospital That the problem of lower eyes/bags under the eyes is caused by 2 causes: swelling and sagging.

Normal skin around the eyes, both upper and lower eyes It is the thinnest skin on the body. It’s a single layer of skin. Age is one factor. As age increases It is ‘pulled down’ by gravity, causing sagging. Sometimes, some patients have fat under their eyes. which will cause fat to come out This causes the appearance of swelling and sagging in the lower eye area. These problems make the face look older and tired.

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Problems with bags under the eyes at every age

Skin under the eyes in children

Softness and swelling of the lower eyelids in children can be born Since birth which is mostly caused by heredity There is swelling of the bags under the eyes but the skin under the eyes is tight. Can remove fat

Skin under the eyes that occurs in teenagers

Most cases in teenagers are caused by swelling of fat under the eyes. In some patients, there is also muscle weakness. This requires surgery to remove excess fat, muscle, and skin.

Skin under the eyes that occurs in elderly people

It can happen to anyone. There is sagging of the skin, muscles, and the pushing of fat out.

There are 2 ways to fix this.

Closed type: done from the inside, the wound on the outside cannot be seen. The disadvantage is that only fat can be removed. Unable to pull out excess skin. Open method, also called Conventional, involves cutting sagging skin. Cutting muscle and removing fat. The advantage is that it can relieve sagging and swelling. The disadvantage is that there is a wound for about 5 days on the lower eyelid area and for 5-7 days the stitches need to be cut.

and special techniques specific to the hospital called Bangmod technique It is a Combine Technique surgery that removes fat. Muscle and skin are removed, sometimes in some patients using fat transfer. Advantages of using this technique for patients There won’t be much swelling or bruising. When finished, you can go home. Surgery time is approximately 40 minutes.

Post-operative care

Treat around the eyes Stay hydrated regularly and don’t stress. If you’re stressed, it will cause the muscles around your eyes to work a lot. Sagging of fat may occur. However, you should consult a medical professional because each patient has different symptoms. for the best results

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