Dolphins are not so naive; Dolphin attacks swimmers on Japanese beach

First Published Aug 13, 2022, 11:27 AM IST

P.ODolphins are known to be calm and friendly sea creatures. There are many stories around the world of dolphins saving humans from many dangers at sea. But recently, there are also reports that dolphins have started attacking humans. In 2013, there were reports of dolphins attacking humans in Ireland. That day, a dolphin attacked the coast of Ireland for ten consecutive days. There were reports that two women were injured and one suffered a fractured rib in the ensuing attack. After that, continued attacks of dolphins are now reported from Japan.

A year after the 2013 attack, an aggressive dolphin attacked five swimmers. Old reports say that they were rescued in a very daring manner. After this attack, dolphin attacks went largely unreported. But the media reports that the dolphin that attacked six tourists at a beach resort in Japan has gone on the attack again.

In the second attack, two swimmers were bitten by the dolphin. Japanese media reported that a man was hospitalized last Thursday after being bitten at Koshino Beach near Fukui. A swimmer was bitten on both arms and back in Thursday morning’s attack.

There was another attack in the afternoon on the same coast. In the second attack, two fingers of another swimmer’s left hand were injured. Japanese media published footage of dolphin attacks on swimmers in and around the Koshino Beach area.

In the scene where a dolphin attacks a swimmer, the dolphin is depicted suddenly emerging from under the sea towards the swimmer. In the video, he is seen trying to swim with all his might. However, the dolphin chasing the swimmer bites him.

There have also been reports of dolphin attacks on other beaches in Fukui. As people gathered ashore to watch dolphins swim off Takanosu Beach, a video of a swimmer being chased by a dolphin and attacked in the sea was making waves on social media in Japan.

Japanese officials say one of the six previous dolphin attacks at Koshino Beach and the attack on two people yesterday was the same. In another attack, another swimmer was bitten while trying to take a selfie with the dolphin. In another attack, a girl swimmer was allegedly bitten by a dolphin, according to reports.

Common dolphins are considered to be the most friendly marine creatures with humans. There are many stories of dolphins rescuing humans from many accidents at sea. But dolphins attacking swimmers are not uncommon, say those who work in the field.

Authorities have installed ultrasonic transmitters to drive dolphins away from the coast due to increased attacks by dolphins at Koshino Beach. The noise they create can drive dolphins away from the beach. Also, warnings are given to swimmers about the dangers dolphins pose.

It is also suggested that if you see dolphins while swimming in the sea, avoid them without provoking them. But local media reports that dolphins in the area are now responding to human interaction and can even be seen in knee-deep shorelines.

Experts say that although there are many videos of wild bottlenose dolphins swimming with humans, the belief that they do not attack humans is wrong. However, long before the news of dolphins attacking humans, humans have been hunting dolphins for celebration.

Japan is one of the most famous places for dolphin hunting. Also known as dolphin drive hunting and dolphin drive fishing, dolphin hunting involves driving pods of dolphins from the sea to open sea, bays or beaches using boats, nets, etc. Then they are usually hunted after locking them in such a way that they are not allowed to escape. Dolphins are hunted in this way in many places around the world, including the Solomon Islands, the Faroe Islands, Peru, and Japan.

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