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Dominic Thiem, who has already qualified for the semi-finals, is currently matching himself to Andrej Rublew in his third group game at the ATP Finals in London. There is still a lot at stake for the Austrian.

3:20 p.m., November 19, 2020

Dominic Thiem © GEPA pictures

After this Dominic Thiem his first two group games against Stefanos Tsitsipas as Rafael Nadal could win, the Austrian is already in the semi-finals, which will rise on Saturday in the O2-Arena. Nevertheless, today’s third group game of the Austrian is against Andrej Rublew not meaningless …

First, Thiem wants to defeat the quarter-finals Erste Bank Open retaliate. He had to admit defeat to the eventual Russian tournament winner 6: 7, 2: 6, but was also severely handicapped by a foot injury.

Second, Thiem could even intercept Rafael Nadal, who is currently second in the world rankings, at the end of the year. For that Thiem would have to win today as well as the semifinals and the final and at the same time lose Nadal against Tsitsipas this evening.

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