Dominican Republic will fence off Haiti with a wall


President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abineder

It is planned to build a double wall on the most conflicted sections of the border, and a simple wall on the rest.

President of the Dominican Republic Luis Abineder announced the construction of a wall on the border with Haiti as a measure to combat illegal migration and cross-border crime. This was reported on Saturday, February 27, on the page of the administration of the head of state in Twitter.

The President said that security measures on the border with a neighboring country will be strengthened in the second half of 2021. They will combine “physical and technological means, including a double wall in the most conflict areas, in addition to motion sensors, face recognition cameras, radars and infrared systems.”

Abineder said that these measures in the next two years will put an end to illegal migration, transit of stolen vehicles and drug trafficking. In addition, the measure is intended to strengthen the territorial integrity of the Dominican Republic.

The Republic of Haiti, with a population of about 10.6 million, is the poorest state in the Western Hemisphere.

According to the international non-governmental organization Fight Against Hunger, at least 3.67 million residents of the country experience problems with access to food, and for more than 1.2 million citizens of the country, the issue of providing food is especially acute.

Formerly in the island nation of Haiti more than 400 prisoners escaped from the Croix-de-Bouquet prison in the capital, Port-au-Prince.

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