Dominika Gottová: She has already forgiven her husband, but she is still worried about the future!

“I’m in one round, two jobs, worried about my mother, I don’t have time for myself at all,” Dominika Gott complained to the above-mentioned website!

Although he is in regular contact with his mother Antonia Zacpalová, she is very upset that he cannot take care of her! “Currently, it would not work, I have too small an apartment and we would interfere with each other,” says Gott, who would like to change this fact, but is hampered by finances!

“Since I don’t know what I’m going to do with the money now, I can’t plan to move to a bigger one. First I have to wait for it to work out. Surprisingly, she didn’t resist the mention of Tim Tolkki, with whom Gott is divorcing! She even forgave him!


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