Don Alphonso: What could speak for Trump

MAn doesn’t have to like Trump’s style, but his successes are undeniable: aside from the rumble, there are also remarkable results. The Middle East peace process will very likely help to give thought to the core Jewish voters of the Democrats: Oman may still sign before the election, and even Saudi Arabia after the election. No voter with interest and relatives in this region can so easily push away this record, and besides, peace in the region also means economic prosperity and less military spending.

I don’t understand why the German media does not notice this, but elections in the USA are about small groups of voters who need to be specifically addressed and convinced. This is not corrupt, it is common practice in the USA, and hardly anyone finds it objectionable. With Ilhan Omar and other young MPs, the Democrats have an anti-Semitic force that flatters certain groups of voters. Trump, on the other hand, poaches among those who are repulsed by these figures – who are journalistically supported in Germany. And sometimes he’s lucky:


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