Donald Trump accuses, without proof, the recount in Georgia of cheating


Donald Trump now accuses Georgia recount of flouting him (photo from November 13, 2020)

AMERICAN PRESIDENTIAL – The results of all states have now been announced by mainstream American media: Joe Biden has won 306 electors, against 232 for Donald Trump, or stack the reverse score of the Republican billionaire’s victory over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

If the Republican president has not stopped qualifying his 2016 score as a “tidal wave”, since the results finally fell on Friday, November 13, the figures seem strangely rigged to him. The billionaire has since chained messages on Twitter denouncing “fraud”, a ”election stolen ”by the computer system which counts the votes and“ the radical democratic left ”. Messages almost systematically reported by Twitter as statements “the veracity of which is disputed”.

And this Saturday, November 14, Donald Trump decided to encourage a few thousand supporters came to parade in Washington DC to ask for “four more years” for the president. On the platform, he invited them on several occasions to challenge the outcome of the election before again crying foul.

After the results themselves, it is now the vote recounts that do not suit Trump. Particularly in Georgia, where the ballots are automatically recounted, the gap between Joe Biden, who won, and Trump being less than 0.5%.

“Hand recounting in Georgia is a waste of time. They do not look at the signatures (on the ballots, editor’s note). Stop the recount until you see the signatures. Don’t let the radical Democratic left steal the election! ”Trump said with no proof.

“They knew they were going to cheat. We must reveal the real signatures! ”, The president got angry again, accusing the governor of the state Brian Kemp, however republican, of skewing this recount whose outcome will not change the final result anyway: Joe Biden has, whatever happens, largely arrives of the 270 voters necessary to settle in the White House on January 20, 2021.

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