Donald Trump and Dom Pérignon: What are Republicans planning in Michigan?

Treffen in Washington D.C.

Senior Michigan Republican politicians enjoy themselves at the Trump International Hotel. Donald Trump wants to continue to prevent the certification of the election results in the state.

  • Donald Trump meets with senior Swing State Republican MPs Michigan.
  • Trump is still trying to get the election results certified in Michigan to prevent.
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Washington DC – Once again it is Donald Trump the cause of general outrage in the US. More precisely this time in Michigan. There, the elected president, who, contrary to all reality, continues to present himself as the winner of the 2020 US election, met with high-ranking Republican MPs of the state. What exactly was discussed remains unclear according to various statements.

Lee Chatfield and Mike Shirkey: What Are Michigan Republicans Up To After Meeting Donald Trump?

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While Corona is raging in Michigan, MPs Dom Pérignon drink in Donald Trump’s hotel

But one thing is clear: Afterwards, among other things Lee Chatfield, Speaker of the House of Representatives from Michigan, and his fellow group member Jim Lilly taking pictures of the high-priced champagne in the Trump International Hotel without masks and distance Dom Pérignon soak. Actually a side note, but at a time when around 10,000 new infections with the coronavirus are reported in Michigan and the Republicans are around Donald Trump Doing frighteningly little about the pandemic, the hedonistic feast causes horror.

A bottle of sparkling wine at the Trump Hotel costs $ 500 to $ 950. Should the champagne be a present from Donald Trump that raises questions. The first question: What money does Trump get that from Dom Pérignon paid in your own hotel? If an expense account is involved, it would be taxpayers’ money that Trump used to add a few thousand dollars to his own company. The second question: what were the MPs rewarded for?

Michigan: Senator Mike Shirkey dodges questions after meeting Donald Trump

Michigan is one of the states that Donald Trump close to Joe Biden after he was victorious there in 2016. As in connection with all states that were close to Biden, Trump and his manic personal lawyer are talking about it Rudy Giuliani from “Election fraud“. And even if parliament speaker Chatfield and Mike ShirkeyIn the wake of the meeting with Donald Trump, leaders of the Michigan Senate majority, publicly asserted that they would not interfere with ongoing legal proceedings and “proceed with normal legal processes”, they are now under special observation.

After all, Trump is trying to prevent the election results from being certified in several states, including in Germany, with the argument of alleged electoral fraud Michigan. According to federal law, this is actually possible. In extreme cases, this could lead to a state parliament controlled by Trump’s Republicans simply choosing its own electorate bypassing the will of the voters, who will then vote for Trump on December 14th in the Electoral College.

Donald Trump himself further fueled the rumor mill by picking up his favorite toy, Twitter, and cryptically announcing that the MP’s statement was “true”, but that the media would not properly report on it. State Senator Mike Shirkey was intercepted at the airport following the meeting with Trump and asked what the content of his meeting with the 45th President of the USA was. Instead of answering in terms of content, he gave way to the journalist’s questions (“Hat Joe Biden won the election? ”,“ Will Donald Trump admit defeat? ”) initially. Then he started to sing.

Donald Trump has the portraits of the Michigan MPs projected onto his hotel

Donald Trump if it weren’t for Donald Trump, he wouldn’t crown the entire show. Trump had the portraits of Mike Shirkey and Lee Chatfield projected onto the facade of his hotel in Washington DC. In addition to the names and faces of the two MPs, Trump displayed two messages: “The world is watching” and “The voters have decided”.

What could be read as an insight into one’s own election defeat means for Donald Trump the opposite, of course. Even if he has around six million fewer votes than nationwide Joe Biden received and lost the presidential election in almost all important swing states, he continues to see himself as the winner. For this reason Trump does not see his clear electoral defeat and continues to spin on his fairy tale ofElection fraud“. (Mirko Schmid)

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