Donald Trump and the US election: In Georgia, votes should be destroyed – accusation from within our own ranks

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Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, accused party colleague Lindsey Graham of attempting to influence the Georgia election results. Graham is Donald Trump’s ally.

  • Donald Trump has the US election Lost in 2020 – according to the current status also in the state Georgia.
  • The result of the choice in Georgia was very close, now they will be right counted again by hand.
  • South Carolinas Senator Graham reportedly asked a senior Georgian official about the possibility of valid votes to destroy.

Atlanta, Georgia – The state’s Republican Secretary of State Georgia, Brad Raffensperger, accuses his party colleague Lindsey Graham claim to have asked him directly about the possibility of the destruction of valid votes. Donald Trump currently has the election in the state just against Joe Biden lost, the votes are currently being counted again by hand.

Raise allegations against his party colleague Lindsey Graham: Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

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Accused by Raffensperger: Senator Graham defends himself, he only wanted to find out more

Graham holds a seat as a Senator in the US Congress for South Carolina and chairs the Justice Committee. He got in a conversation about the counting of the Voting votes in Georgia Raffensperger asked directly whether he had the power to invalidate those postal votes whose signatures did not match those in the electoral register. That reports Raffensperger in a conversation with the Washington Post. He understood Graham’s statement to mean that he was actively trying to find a way to exclude valid votes from the count.

Graham defends himself against the charge. As the “Guardian” reports he argues the conversation with Raffensperger not off, but emphasizes that he simply has more information about the electoral process in Georgia wanted to catch up. “I thought it would have been a good conversation,” said Graham on Monday (November 17, 2020) after the allegations became public. “I am surprised that he [Raffensperger, Anm. d. Red.] that characterizes the conversation. “

Party colleagues put him under pressure: Raffensperger does not want to support Trump

Since the charge, the Republican Raffensperger strongly criticized by party colleagues. Both Georgian senators, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, are calling for his resignation. Congressman Doug Collins also intervenes Raffensperger for that Donald Trump not to assist in his illegitimate attempt to defeat in the US election annul and remain in power. Others too republican hold Trump continue the loyalty.

Raffensperger meanwhile insists that he would cast all legitimate doubts about the integrity of the election Georgia take seriously and examine. At the moment there is not enough evidence of manipulation of the election in the southwestern state. As Secretary of State, Graham is not as he is at the federal level Mike Pompeo, Foreign Minister under Donald Trumpbut entrusted with matters within Georgia. This includes, among other things, the supervision of elections. (Matthis Pechtold)

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