Donald Trump demands doping control of Biden for debate

“I will firmly demand a doping test for the sleeping Joe Biden before or after the debate on Tuesday night,” tweeted the 74-year-old Republican billionaire, who continues to question the cognitive abilities of his 77-year-old rival.

“His performance during the debates was UNMATCHED like never before, to put it mildly. Were only drugs able to cause these deviations ??? ”, tweeted the Republican president who is behind in the polls for the presidential election of November 3.

The tenant of the White House clarified that he would agree “of course” to submit to the same test.

Known for his blunders and slips, Joe Biden admitted that the televised confrontation between the two men, who in the past had already threatened to come to blows, would be “difficult”.

“It will be mostly personal attacks and lies,” “that’s all he can do,” he said of the Republican billionaire. “He doesn’t know how to discuss the facts. He’s not that smart, ”he continued.

The old politician, who, in the name of health precautions linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, is leading a more discreet campaign than that of the former businessman, will rarely be in the spotlight.

After this first 90-minute duel moderated by Fox News reporter Chris Wallace, two other debates between them are scheduled before the presidential election on November 3.

Donald Trump never ceases to mock the lack of dynamism of his rival, whom he nicknames “sleeping Joe”, even to suggest in him a form of senility.

He also insists that Joe Biden, a pure product of the moderate wing of the Democratic Party, is a “puppet” of the radical left.

“He’s a bit like Goebbels,” replied the Democratic candidate. According to him, the president applies the recipes of the head of Nazi propaganda Joseph Goebbels: “You tell a lie again and again, you repeat it, repeat it, repeat it, so that it becomes a given.”

“A liar”

Donald Trump intends to arrive at the haloed debate, among his base, of the choice of Amy Coney Barrett, a magistrate known for her traditionalist religious convictions, to sit on the Supreme Court following the death of the progressive judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

He hopes it will galvanize the Christian right, on which he relied heavily in his surprise election four years ago, and beyond the entire conservative camp, in order to catch up again in the polls.

“You are going to be fantastic,” he told her on Saturday afternoon, in the gardens of the White House, presenting this mother of seven, a practicing Catholic, as “one of the most brilliant jurists and most gifted in the country ”.

Sunday morning, during an interview on the Fox News channel, he again predicted a “rapid” confirmation by the Senate, where his Republican camp has the majority, despite the last wishes of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg who had asked not to be replaced before the presidential inauguration in January.

“It’s unfortunate that the president is so disrespectful and is rushing to do this. Nevertheless, it is like that. Vote. The remedy for everything he does is vote, vote, vote, ”the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, hammered on CNN.

Parliamentary hearings

Barring a huge surprise, Amy Coney Barrett, 48, will strengthen the conservative majority within this key institution which settles the great debates in American society.

Joe Biden called on the Senate not to “decide” until “the Americans have chosen their next president”.

But he knows that his camp has no leverage to stop the process.

The parliamentary hearings of the designated judge, which are to begin on October 12, will therefore punctuate the campaign until the vote on her name, which the Republicans hope to hold just days before the presidential election.

The Democrats are therefore trying to shake the specter of a Supreme Court lastingly right-wing to mobilize their electorate.

Joe Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, accused Republicans of wanting to “destroy” Obamacare, the health insurance law passed under the Democratic presidency of Barack Obama, and “reverse” the landmark ruling that recognized in 1973 a constitutional right of women to have an abortion.

“This appointment would move the court even further to the right for a generation, and harm millions of Americans,” she warned.


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